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Amazon FBA Inventory Reimbursements: Everything You Need to Know

Amazon is a massive retailer and definitely one that you as a business owner want to take advantage of. You can reach an endless amount of customers and don't have to worry about the hassle of packaging and shipping the products yourself. This saves you time and puts extra cash in your wallet. What a dream come true!

But what happens when Amazon gets it wrong?

How do you get your money back for missing, or wrongfully returned inventory? How do you find out how much Amazon owes you in such situations?

That's where an Amazon FBA Inventory Reimbursement Service Provider comes in. Working with an Amazon reimbursement service can help reduce the headache of tracking down the money you're owed. This article will walk you through exactly what an FBA Inventory Reimbursement is, how you get one, and the benefits of working with a reliable service to help you do just this! 

What is an FBA Inventory Reimbursement?

An FBA Inventory Reimbursement stands for Fulfillment by Amazon Inventory Reimbursement. This is a term used to represent the money Amazon compensates sellers for lost, damaged, or returned inventory. 

You as a seller, give products to Amazon for them to ship out and sell on your behalf. Amazon deals with everything for you, from customer questions to returns. This makes sharing your products with the world very easy.

When something goes wrong, that's where an FBA Inventory Reimbursement service comes into play.

Reasons to Need an FBA Inventory Reimbursement Service

Your product goes through many different stages before it reaches the customer. All these stages run the risk of lost or damaged products. 

When you send products to Amazon, they scan them to know how much inventory is available. Sometimes Amazon will misplace, mislabel or miscount the shipment, causing their site to show less of it available than there actually is. 

Or, the partnered-carrier you use to send products to Amazon will lose the products. Amazon can help with replacing these products also.

Amazon functions using large warehouses. These warehouses are so big; products can get lost or damaged. Amazon will reimburse you for lost or damaged products. If something happens during shipping, Amazon will also reimburse you.

Working with customers online is tricky. Sometimes they will receive a product and then decide it's not for them. Amazon's site has a straightforward return mechanism, but sometimes things go wrong.

Some customers will click 'return' but not actually send the product back. If they send it back, it might be too damaged to resell or not get added back into inventory. Amazon may also refund too much money to the customer, which comes out of your wallet. 

Occasionally, customers may receive more of a product than they actually ordered. Amazon will not always notice when this happens. If you catch it, they have to reimburse you for the extra product. 

Struggles of Getting Reimbursed

Now you know why you might need to use an FBA inventory reimbursement. But getting reimbursed can be tricky. 

Amazon deals with hundreds of thousands of products every day, and they will make mistakes. While there are systems in place to catch those mistakes, they don't always work. 

If Amazon generates reimbursement-eligibiity due any of the above situations, they will not necessarily or automatically give you your money back. Rather, you will have to go to them and prove that something happened in order to get your money back. You will also have to be the one to make sure your reimbursement actually goes through. 

This all sounds like an absolute headache to have to deal with, right? There's so much to know; how will you keep track of everything?

How Working With a Reimbursement Service Can Make Things Easier

Going through spreadsheet after spreadsheet trying to figure out what Amazon owes you and what it might have missed can take ages. Working with an Amazon reimbursement service will help you recover the value of your products, or your actual products without dealing with all the auditing, computations, case-writing, and follow-up yourself. 

The best Amazon reimbursement services will know exactly how the reimbursement process works. They will know all the eligible reimbursements you qualify for and have the ability to request reimbursement from Amazon in a manner that is 100% compliant with Amazon Terms of Service.

They will know how to quickly and efficiently go through the data provided by Amazon that shows what it was able to catch. Then, the service can easily go through and figure out what Amazon missed. 

Reimbursement services can check everything down to the smallest detail. Amazon FBA reimbursement services help ensure your packages get recorded with the correct weight and dimensions. They can also help make sure your deliveries are accurately processed when delivered.

An FBA service can also get records from your carrier that brings the packages to Amazon so you can ensure you are on track from the very beginning. A reimbursement service will also ensure this carrier is documenting everything correctly. 

These services spend all their time combing through data and keeping track of what happens with your product. When partnered with the methods Amazon already has in place, you can be sure nothing will slip through the cracks. 

Amazon has many different marketplaces all over the world. Regardless of if you're working with just your country's specific marketplace or many, a successful reimbursement service will be able to help you. They can check all the Amazon marketplaces to ensure that you are getting all the money you're owed.

Get Your Money Back Now

FBA Inventory Reimbursements don't have to be tricky. You now understand all the different reasons you should get reimbursed by Amazon. Also, obviously, you know how important it is for your business to get all your money back that you are due when things go wrong. 

Legacy Seller is the best Amazon reimbursement service for your business. Legacy Seller knows how much work goes into running a business and will do everything they can for you.

Legacy Seller is the perfect reimbursement service with competitive pricing and an understanding of the Amazon marketplaces. Reach out to the Legacy Seller Team today

Our Amazon Refund Service


We don’t make money until we get you every Amazon refund you’re owed. There are no start-up costs, monthly fees or long-term commitments to worry about. Once the money is reimbursed, we charge a competitive commission on the money recovered.


We work smart to make sure you’re reimbursed as soon as possible. You'll start seeing reimbursements in as little as 48 hours plus, we review your account and file for reimbursements every day if applicable. Others do it every few months.


We deliver comprehensive recovery reports detailing your refund activity, ensuring all items are accounted for and that you receive refunds for everything you deserve. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing where your inventory stands at all times.

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