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How Do I Claim Amazon FBA Reimbursements?

Do you sell products on Amazon Marketplace using its Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) service? At some point, you will need to claim FBA refunds or an Amazon FBA reimbursement on your inventory.

If you're one of the more than 30,000 businesses with annual sales over $1 million on Amazon, that could add up to a large chunk of cash. Amazon FBA centers have a discrepancy rate of around 1-3% of inventory, which would amount to $10,000-30,000 of your sales.

As FBA handles the storage and shipping of your products on behalf of your business, it takes responsibility for them under its terms of service. Amazon protects your products while they are in its possession and will reimburse you if something goes wrong.

This article takes you through how you can claim Amazon FBA reimbursement to get your money back.

When Can You Claim Amazon FBA Refunds?

There are several reasons you can claim Amazon seller reimbursement on inventory you have sent to its warehouses:

  • Product lost by the carrier
  • Inventory lost in the warehouse
  • Items damaged in the warehouse
  • Shipments damaged during order fulfillment or delivery
  • Customer claimed a refund or replacement but did not return the product
  • Returned item not processed back into inventory
  • Errors in order quantity

You can also claim Amazon seller refunds if Amazon has overcharged your account for listing fees.

Which Products Are Eligible For Amazon Reimbursements?

For products to be eligible for reimbursement, Amazon specifies that they must meet the following conditions:

  • Items are registered with FBA at the time they are lost or damaged
  • Items meet FBA requirements and restrictions
  • Items shipped to Amazon matched the shipping plan exactly
  • Items were not disposed of/pending disposal
  • Items were not defective or damaged by the customer
  • Your seller account is active when you file the claim

If the products are eligible you can file claims for FBA refunds within a certain time period.

How Does Amazon FBA Reimbursement Work?

The way you can apply for Amazon FBA inventory reimbursement depends on where the product was in the sale process. There are three different types of reimbursement claims.

Shipment to FBA Center

If a product gets lost or damaged while it is being shipped to an Amazon warehouse, you can submit a claim within nine months of the shipment.

First, you should confirm that the contents of the shipment match the shipping plan submitted in your account and that Amazon has not already reimbursed you.

If you are submitting a claim for lost items, you should use the Reconcile tab on your account dashboard. To open a claim for damaged items, you need to use the Contact Us page on Seller Central.

When you file a claim, you need to send Amazon the following information:

  • Amazon shipment ID
  • Proof of inventory ownership, such as a supplier invoice, sales receipt, or signed packing slip. The proof must include the date you purchased the inventory, product names, and quantity.
  • Proof of delivery. For large shipments, you must provide a document stamped by Amazon confirming the weight and number of boxes, and that the fulfillment center signed for the shipment. For small shipments, you can submit the active tracking ID.

Amazon will confirm whether your claim is eligible and will either, reimburse, replace or reconcile the items.

FBA Center Operations

If a product gets lost or damaged at an Amazon fulfillment center, you can claim a refund within 18 months of the item being reported as such in your Inventory Adjustments report.

First, you should check your inventory reports to confirm the date and adjustment code of the loss or damage. You also need to confirm that the product was not found or restored to your sellable inventory. And make sure that Amazon has not already reimbursed you.

To file a claim for lost items, you should use the Contact Us page on Seller Central, providing the transaction item ID from the inventory report or the FNSKU. For damaged items, there is a desktop browser tool on the Seller Central page where you need to enter the transaction item ID.

Customer Returns

If an item gets lost or damaged when a customer return is processed, you can make a claim between 45 days and 18 months after Amazon has refunded or replaced the item for the customer.

First, you should check that Amazon has processed the refund or replacement in your account. You should also confirm whether Amazon already returned the item to your inventory or reimbursed you.

To file a claim, you should enter the customer order ID in the desktop browser tool on the Seller Central page. Amazon may ask you to provide more information.

Consider Using an Amazon Reimbursements Service

You can manage your Amazon reimbursements manually, use an automated refunds manager tool, or outsource the task to a third-party service. Processing the claims yourself can be time-consuming and complicated, which would ultimately cost your business money and other resources. And most automated tools do not process all damage that might affect your inventory.

Instead, consider using an Amazon reimbursements service. That way you can focus on your sales growth and receive your refunds without hassle.

The best Amazon reimbursements service will handle the whole process on behalf of your business. They will manually check your Amazon Seller Central account to make sure no items get overlooked. They will track your shipments, handle returns and identify damaged goods. Then they will submit any necessary claims so you do not need to get involved.

Use Legacy Seller For Your FBA Refunds

At Legacy Seller, we carry out an FBA audit to analyze your entire inventory, check for overcharged Amazon fees, and recover any money owed so your business does not lose out on income. We review your account and file any eligible claims daily -- unlike some services that file every few months.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Amazon FBA reimbursement service can work for your business and how you can benefit from our referral program.

Our Amazon Refund Service


We don’t make money until we get you every Amazon refund you’re owed. There are no start-up costs, monthly fees or long-term commitments to worry about. Once the money is reimbursed, we charge a competitive commission on the money recovered.


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