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The Benefits of Using a Reimbursement Refunds Manager for Amazon

In 2020, Amazon’s share of eCommerce sales increased to a staggering 38 percent. That growth made the eCommerce behemoth one of the few businesses that benefited from the pandemic. But if 2020 was an amazing year for Amazon, 2021 is likely to be even more incredible for the ever-relentless giant.  

Amazon’s continued dominance of the eCommerce marketplace is good news for the over 2.5 million sellers who actively use the platform. And for the more than one million more sellers who’ll join Amazon, there’s a bevy of innovative tools they can expect to enjoy. The reimbursement refunds manager is among these tools.

As an eCommerce business owner, one of the experiences you need to prepare for is handling returned goods from your customers. Unfortunately, returns for goods purchased online have increased rapidly in recent years, and sellers on Amazon are now starting to feel the sting. 

It’s the reason Amazon created the Amazon refunds manager. Sellers on Amazon can use this tool to process all refund requests quickly and accurately.

In today’s comprehensive guide, we give you an in-depth breakdown of the Amazon refunds manager so you can see why it’s beneficial for your eCommerce business.

What Is the Amazon Refunds Manager?

The Amazon refunds manager refers to a tool that files personalized claims with the Amazon FBA to help you get your money back. Amazon refund manager’s team checks each claim manually.

There certainly are tools that could check claims automatically, but these tools may be rendered useless if Amazon chooses to do so at any time. The refunds manager averts this challenge because every claim is dealt with by real people and scrutinized in detail.

The refunds manager service gives you the peace of mind that experienced people are in charge of your refund’s strategy, so you don’t lose money where you shouldn’t. Keep in mind that some of the return requests from your customers are not always legitimate or deserving of a full refund. Whenever there are wrongful returns, the Amazon returns manager ensures your business gets money back.

Amazon Refunds Manager Features

One of the things you’ll notice about Amazon refunds management services is that they work in a fairly limited capacity, when it comes to more broad spectrum of operational features a seller needs to engage with daily. Afterall, this is a specialized and focused service dedicated to one thing only. Most of the work is dedicated to researching and submitting claims that are as accurate as possible. Having said this, the refunds manager can still do everything they need t with a few user permissions and an MWS synch. Compared to other ways of increasing cash flow, this is one of the most simple.

Some of the events the refunds manager analyses and submits accurate claim requests include returns, damages, missing stock, overages, and replacements. The manager can also help with incorrect FBA fees.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Amazon Refunds Manager?

The Amazon refunds manager can benefit your business in numerous ways. These include:

You Get Quick Reimbursement

Using Amazon refunds management services helps you access reimbursed funds in as little as 48 hours. This is especially helpful for small Amazon stores that have challenges in managing cash flow. The sooner you can get your money, the faster you can use it in your business. 

You Remain Amazon Policy Compliant

Sellers on the world’s biggest eCommerce platform must adhere to Amazon refunds policy or risk getting banned. This policy can be complicated to understand on your own, especially if you’re still a relatively new seller. Yet you need to stick to its stipulations, particularly when you think there might be a problem with a specific return.

With the Amazon refunds manager, sellers can benefit from the help of an expert. The expert understands Amazon’s policies inside out and will use their expertise to protect your online business. They’ll make sure you get every return refund possible while still remaining compliant with the guidelines set forth by Amazon.

Discrepancies Searches

The Amazon refunds manager searches for all sorts of returns discrepancies. All types of problems and errors that could happen in the course of the returns process are checked. Such issues include:

  • Items damaged or lost in Amazon’s warehouse or during delivery
  • Cases of customers receiving larger refunds than due

Such discrepancies can cost your online store money. That’s why it’s so beneficial that the refunds manager regularly checks for them to prevent such losses.

Using the Amazon Refunds Manager Is Affordable

One of the best things about using the refunds and exchanges manager on Amazon is its affordability.  Typically, you don’t pay to use the refunds manager service if you haven’t received the returns settlement. Amazon only takes a commission from the settlement. 

While there are some flat-rate services, or hourly virtual assistantys, the percentage of recovery model is by far tyhe most popular. Rates vary but sellers can pay on average between 10 to 20 percent of the refund total. For many businesses, the fee-model for an Amazon refund manager is quite affordable. This means they can take advantage of the platform’s outstanding services without needing to rework their budget for extra expenses. 

You Have More Free Time

The solutions offered by the Amazon refunds manager afford sellers more time to focus on other core activities. You don't need to dedicate your time and efforts to getting refunds on your own. You have experts doing it for you, allowing you the freedom to make more money. 

Even better, with the Amazon refunds manager, you’re still assured of getting the reimbursements you’re entitled to without putting in the work. The manager takes care of discrepancy searches and claims filing for you.

Setting up the Amazon Refunds Manager

Setting up the Amazon refunds manager software is incredibly easy. You start by signing up for the service and then link it to your Amazon Seller Account. 

The refunds manager then conducts an analysis of your seller account across the previous 18 months. This analysis is meant to find each item and order that is potentially eligible for reimbursement of any level.

Once the refunds manager is done analyzing your seller’s account, you can now leave it running. The refunds manager will handle preparing and sending all eligible claims every time they arise. Your refunds manager will also offer a report for every claim once you’ve been reimbursed.

Take Advantage of the Amazon Refunds Manager for Your Business

The Amazon returns process can prove challenging for any Amazon seller. But with a service like the Amazon refunds manager, the entire process can be a breeze, saving you both time and money.

Are you interested in reliable Amazon refunds management services? Please contact us today.

Our Amazon Refund Service


We don’t make money until we get you every Amazon refund you’re owed. There are no start-up costs, monthly fees or long-term commitments to worry about. Once the money is reimbursed, we charge a competitive commission on the money recovered.


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We deliver comprehensive recovery reports detailing your refund activity, ensuring all items are accounted for and that you receive refunds for everything you deserve. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing where your inventory stands at all times.

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